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Standard Features in Our Bidirectional Communication Sets

BRM Series products are manufactured in full compliance with 81-28: 2019 + AC standard and 81-70,81-71 and 81-72 standards.


Brm products with advanced filtering function, it is filters the fails, do not make busy the communication centers and emergency staff with redudant alarms.

Automatic Self Test

Device automatically test itself within every 72hours. To be active this feature, an active simcard should be in the device. for sms or data sending,a master gsm number provided by authorised person or Brm Cloud services should be setted for test procedure

Battery Check

Brm devices diagnosys battery status automatically. AI, warns to the maintanence company and control center when battery level %50 and %30 .

Charge of Battery

Brm main control unit charges and checks of status of emergency batteries that plugged to the device.

Adjustable Volume Level

According to related standarts, adjustable volume level between 35dB – 65Db

Induction Loop

It has the feature of direct connection from BRM Products to induction loop devices that are used to amplify the sound for the hearing impaired persons

Disability compliance

Brm products have a light system that meets the requirements of En 81.70 and optionally relay outputs that can be connected to buttons

Internal Intercom

BRM products have an internal intercom feature that enables the communication of the machine room with the inside of the cabin and the elevator shaft in cases where the shaft distance is over 30m and elevators without machine room.

Handsfree Button

BRM products are equipped with handsfree emergency alarm buttons as shown in the 81 / 20-50 standard.

Advanced Software

Brm Devices monitored via brm cloud system. Maintenance team, elevator malfunctions and maintenance can track online. With the can bus protocol, you can track all the malfunctions in the elevators if you have complied contracted control panel.

Easy Installation

Brm Series products easly assembly with detailed assembly schemes

Technical Support

Face to face trainings and 7/24 techical support service at your disposal.


Brm Devices are complied with all control panels.

Price advantage

Brm Devices are Works with all simcard operators

Package of Device

Brm Devices has packed with; Cabin, Pit and Over Cabin modules